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SCC have the ability to manage all local taxes, visas and work permits in compliance with Mongolian government legislation and are first to standardize labor hire services according to ISO9001 quality management systems. We are accredited by SGS.

In 2014, SCC expanded operations to include Gobirox LLC, in the Khanbogd soum of Umno gobi province.  Gobirox has quickly become a partner of choice with a number of local personnel outsourced to a major  client, with further growth expected in 2017.

Our international partner company is Orion Group (www.orionjobs.com) with regional headquarters and dedicated Mining  team, based in Perth, Australia (Orion Energy &  Mining Services) are committed to providing the  best solution to both client and candidate alike.  They support all regional offices in completing  technical review of all required job descriptions and  technical assessment prior to the submission of any  candidates to clients in the mining space.

SCC via Orion Group has an extensive Australia,  Asia Pacific and World wide database which  enables us to offer our clients qualified personnel  for short or long term projects, on a permanent or contract basis. We pride ourselves on the service we offer and the quality of the people we provide.

We work closely with our clients to thoroughly  understand individual client needs thereby delivering  a service that exceeds expectations.

Why choose us

  • Consult with industry professionals
  • Identify right talents
  • Structure right compensation packages, with right scales, right from the beginning
  • Delegate screening, evaluation, contract management, payroll processing, direct deposits, tax and social insurance filings, insurance, employee assistant program, termination and re-assignment processes for handling by industry’s leading professionals
  • Focus on your main goals.
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